What's this short course all about?

Hi I'm Fiona, I'm guessing if you've made it this far then you're wondering whether to buy this course and whether it's worth it.

The course is designed to help give you an insight into your anxiety. You might be finding it hard to concentrate on things at the moment - this can definitely be the case when you feel anxious - so I've done my best with you in mind to make it short and easy to digest.

The first section is education based, giving you the whys behind anxiety.

Next we look at breath work. Why it works and whether we are breathing correctly - most of us aren't.

Movement comes next followed by meditation and visualisation.

All the practices have been selected so that they are quick, accessible and practical tools which you can apply to your daily life immediately.

Always explaining why they work so you feel more motivated to practice them and more able to apply them day to day.

I've been there too and I'm happy to tell you that with a little bit of work and some knowledge you can recover from anxiety.

Do you want excess anxiety to stop running your life?

Do you want to thrive rather then just survive day to day?

Then take the first step now :-)

The course Includes:

  • Over half an hour of Education
  • A worksheet to follow along with
  • A Spotify playlist
  • 5 Breathwork practices
  • 3 Asana Practices
  • 3 Meditations
  • An Action Plan Worksheet
  • A Bad Day Plan Worksheet
  • A Journaling Sheet
  • Access to Facebook group

The first section of the course is focused on learning about what anxiety is and why we feel anxious. We explore the nervous system and look into why breath work is so effective.

Breath work

We explore breath work more closely and look at ways we can use the breath to change how we feel,

The Course contains 5 breath work practices as well as exploring what good breathing looks like and paradoxical breathing.

Yoga Practice

We look at yoga asana and start to explore why yoga works. We start to look at introspection and understanding the body better.

The course contains 3 yoga practices and 3 meditation practices to explore and try out.


"This is THE workshop I needed. A treasure trove of helpful tools. I highly recommend for anyone wanting to feel empowered. Fiona is so informative, she has a unique ability to pass on all her learnings, in a fun way. 

She really does understand anxiety sources, the physiology of what’s going on inside our complex bodies and, importantly, what we can actually do to help ourselves deal with anxiety as it shows up! She gave me a wealth of practical ideas and the yoga was nourishing and very accessible. 

A truly fantastic workshop, second to none." 


"Would highly recommend, very relaxing calming workshop to help calm your mind."


"Thank you so much for such an information and relaxing session. It was great, I'd really recommend to anyone"


"I recommend this class for anyone who feels they need help with techniques to help them with fears of stress and anxiety"


"A clear and relatable look into the mind, making anxiety far less scary"


"I really enjoyed todays workshop. Fiona your voice and delivery was wonderful during the yoga and meditation. Your information was also very insightful. I am a counsellor and it's given me some great ideas, thank you"


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